Christmas Shopping, how early should you start?


That's right, it's that time of year when the shopping centres and department stores start putting their advent calendars on display. You pass a decorated plastic tree and think to yourself "It's not even the beginning December yet!". 
Jumping the gun one might say, but this phenomenon is not just a trend/ploy that shops have forced onto consumers, it's become a money saving technique with many Australian families. 

These days we Aussies start shopping as early as boxing day! Now, it's not just about the sales (even though yes saving is a part of it!), the key to saving on Christmas shopping is planning! Writing lists, checking them twice, budgeting for those both naughty and nice. Once you have a clear idea of who and what you're looking to buy for you'll be able to seek out the most budget friendly approach to filling those Christmas stockings.

Without beginning your shopping as early as Boxing Day, you can still seek out sales only a few months before. Cyber Monday is soon approaching, with discounts on all of your fave online stores! Subscribe to your favourites to receive newsletters and special discounts via email. Sometimes subscribers receive VIP discounts, or even a heads up on approaching sales. Some online store may offer free shipping for orders that go over a certain amount of money, this can even save you your time (not just money) by getting your products shipped right to your door!

Make sure you keep an eye out, Something Luxe has a few special offers up our sleeve for Cyber Monday 27th November 2017.. So get planning!


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