Luxe Long Weekend

Our clocks have changed, the weather is warming up & I'm sure you're dreaming about that summer holiday away. The long weekend has arrived and for all of you 9 to 5 workers that could mean the window of opportunity to escape the hard slog of the working week. 

The early birds usually head out to their getaways on Friday afternoon. If you've missed that window and prefer to stay at home, steering clear of the long weekend traffic there's always a way to take time out and enjoy the luxuries of your own space.

Here's a few ideas on how to enjoy your long weekend in luxe style, without the fuss of travelling too far!

Breakfast in Bed

There's nothing more luxurious than being treated to a hot brekky in bed. Poached eggs, smashed avo on toast and hot coffee one of our 24ct gold plated mugs. Give hubby a hint... It's the long weekend remember! You've still got Monday morning to go!


Brunch with Bubbles

Oysters, caviar, champagne, nibblies and dip... A seafood platter if you want to go all out! Invite the friends over, or just share a feast between two. It can be fun, comfy and even a dough saver creating your own restaurant at home. Add in our matte black Wine Rack creating a luxe centre piece and conversation starter, keeping your bottles on display and in close proximity for a cheeky afternoon.


A Seaside Stroll

Nature, it's all around you! There's no need to travel to paradise, you're already living in it! Australia has some of the most gorgeous beaches in the world, head out to your favourite beach, go for a stroll, take in the scenery, bring a towel or a picnic basket full of snacks. You'll feel instant calm come over you, the crashing of the waves will transport you.


Treat yourself to a Facial

Taking care of yourself always leaves you felling rejuvenated. If you're going to be pampered  properly we recommend you use our favourite skincare range Skinstitut. Their Starter Kit is a great introduction to their world of serious skincare, and will leave your skin reaping the benefits of their high quality, effective formulations. You'll be looking and feeling luxe! 


So enjoy, stay safe, eat, drink, be merry and have a luxe long weekend! x


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