Intense Zanzibar Scented Soy Candle Sparkling Citrus, Peach & Vanilla Skilfully Leopard candle
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Leopard / Zanzibar Candle

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Intense Scented Soy Candle

Sparkling Citrus, Peach & Vanilla

Skillfully created with ancient traditions, each beautiful handcrafted candle glass characteristically appears with unique, interesting variations - a feature of individual artisan technique.

These incredibly fragrant, twin wick soy candles have been hand poured into hand-crafted glass and will last up to 50 hours.

Once the exquisitely and deeply scented candle wax has burned down, the studio glass can be used as a decorator piece or vase.

Be transported by this breathtaking scent: Sundrenched Beaches Of Zanzibar ..swaying palms, pristine white sands that stretch forever and sun shimmering on aquamarine waters.